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Is It Really Possible For Professional Forex Traders To Trade And Teach?

There is a lot of discussion regarding whether professional Forex traders really have the time to trade and teach. This is my opinion on the subject.

Why Do Professional Forex Traders Teach?

The majority of discussion is centered around the premise that “why would a professional Forex trader give up his or her time in the markets, to teach others how to trade?

professionalThe majority of Forex training providers offer training courses for a few 100 bucks, which has to prompt the question “if you are a successful profitable trader, why are you offering to train and mentor people for a few bucks an hour, when you can be earning 1000’s per day by trading the markets?

This is a valid question. The obvious answer would be that the training provider does not really know how to trade Forex successfully, and the money they make from teaching, is the only money they really make from their time in the Forex business. But in the majority of cases this is the only reason the training providers exist, to take money by making false claims about their skill set and what they can offer to aspiring traders.

Training Providers And False Claims.

Many training providers that claim to be able to trade successfully (to the point where it is their main source of income) are merely re hashing the same old rubbish that everyone else teaches. But based on the fact that the people who pay him or her for the training, know less about the job than the training provider does, then he or she will be able to pass themselves off as a successful trader, when the truth is they do not really understand how the market works, anymore than the 1000s of people that post free training videos on YouTube.

So ask yourself this, is it really worth paying a few 100 bucks for a Forex training course? And the short answer is no. I can tell you with 99% certainty that any training course that offers to teach you how to trade for a few 100 bucks, is going to offer nothing more than you can get for free on the internet.

No matter how they jazz it up, or how many people say how great their course is, the truth is they are merely marketing experts, and not Forex trading experts.

The Value Of A Professional Education.

I have no desire to put together a training course for a few 100 bucks. The value of what i teach will give you the opportunity to make life changing amounts of money from the Forex market, and that information is not available for a few 100 bucks.

My time is very precious to me, and i have invested 1000’s of hours of chart study to get to the very top of my profession, and to expect someone in the top 5% of Forex traders in the world, to give their precious time for a few bucks an hour, well its not going to happen anytime soon.

So the next time you see a Forex training course for a few 100 bucks or less, just ask yourself this simple question, if this professional trader is going to train and mentor me for a few bucks an hour, how much is he or she really making from the Forex market? And the answer is, less than a few bucks an hour.

To be in the 5% you have to be trained by the 5%. Don’t waste you time and money on anything less.

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